"The Waveney does not divide Norfolk and Suffolk, it is what brings them together."
- David Woodward

Welcome to the Waveney Valley! The river Waveney defines the border between Norfolk and Suffolk for much of its length. Although the two counties are traditional rivals, seven market towns in the broader region have come together, under the aegis of the Waveney Valley Market Towns Group, to commission a series of unique audio walks that help you explore these jewels. Four towns are on the Waveney, three are close by. All seven are utterly charming!

Each town has devised its own walk to help you uncover its secrets. The walks take an interesting route, perhaps to places you would not ordinarily stumble across. And as you stroll, you can listen to our very special audio guides which feature the real stars of each town: the locals! Each audio walk is a potent blend of history, memory and gossip. For example:

So, choose the town you wish to visit. Download the free audio tour onto your personal MP3 player and print the map. They are also all available in a free booklet. Alternatively, you can listen to the tours online before you come. And for those with smart phones, they can be downloaded in app form. There are also handsets available for a small deposit at the local tourist information office.

All that is left to do is head for the first location on the walk, press play and the town will burst into life! We hope these audio walks as well as this website with its background information, will kindle countless love affairs with these lovely market towns and the Waveney Valley area as a whole.

These audio walks were developed by the Waveney Valley Market Towns group with the support of the The Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) which is funded by Defra and the EU.