Loddon is just on the edge of the Waveney Valley, located at the beginning of the navigable section of the River Chet. Our walk begins at Loddon Staithe, a peaceful spot to watch the holiday boats. We see the watermill, and then head into the centre of the village, where you will be greeted by its magnificent 15th century Holy Trinity Church. You’ll also see the old market place and the Victorian school, now the library, as well as the Old Town Hall. We also pass down an attractive footpath, reminding us that Loddon is on the Wherryman’s Way walk.

In character, Loddon is perhaps the most rural of the seven towns. To reflect this, besides some local historians and other figures, we have persuaded the regulars at Rosy Lee’s tearoom to show you the real Loddon. Their infectious good spirits and Norfolk humour combine to make a unique audio walk.

They recall some of the legendary shops and shopkeepers of the past, and characters like the "midnight baker” who was known to deliver bread slice by slice through the letter box in the dead of night!

The introduction is probably best heard by the Staithe where the walk starts. Check out our audio map that shows you the route and by clicking on the numbers, you can listen to the tour stop by stop before you come (or enjoy it again afterwards in the comfort of your home!) We have also created a slide show that takes you along the route, so you can familiarise yourself with the town before you coming.

To download the tour, go to our download page. We also have a selection of links and suggestions for further reading. This will be continually updated.